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SEO (or search engine optimization) may seem like a confusing acronym, but it's one of the most important aspects of having a website. Search engine optimization helps control how popular you are on searches in sites like Google, helping you rank higher and get more exposure to your specific clientele. Search engine optimization involves many different algorithms and techniques to get the best results for your specific business; what works for one product may not work for another, so making your optimization work for you is tricky business. Our team of specialists have been trained to deal with all kinds of industries and know how to get the best results just for you.

Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects of correct search engine optimization is to have relevant keywords in your website that help trigger the searches in Google to show your business. These keywords aren’t easy to find though, as often the most important ones may seem irrelevant to the product you’re actually selling or the service you’re offering. Thats why professional and experienced help is so valuable! We can help you find all the right keywords, using the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way to your advantage. Once your website or blog has the right keywords in it, you’ll be amazed at the traffic that starts coming your way, search engine optimization makes all the difference!

Increased Traffic

A website or blog is no use to you if no one is looking at it. The most important part of a website is having traffic flowing to it. Of that traffic though, it needs to be people that are actually interested in your products. If the people visiting are looking for a different product of the same name, then you’re going to have a lot less success. This is the sort of problem our team is used to solving, making sure that your traffic is relevant and valuable to you. Don’t get stuck with the wrong crowd, get the right traffic today with Burt Marketing and our expert search engine optimization team.

Helpful Support

Not seeing the results you were after? Or maybe your results are fluctuating a lot and you want to know the reason? The first few weeks after having search engine optimizations done to your website is an exploratory phase where we can see how the internet reacts and adjust accordingly. If you have concerns or questions about the results we’re just a phone call or email away and ready to answer any of your questions.

Marketing and Content Planning

Once you’ve got your search engine optimization working for you, its time to put it to good use by creating a marketing plan for the content you want to publish. This may involve regular updates of your website or even blog posts to keep your customers engaged with your business. We can help plan and even execute these for you to get optimal results for your business.

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